Forever Gin Chia Benefits With Chia Seeds, Forever Gin-Gin has combined the best of the East with the best of the West to produce a unique, energy boosting , stamina-sustaining tablet, Gin-Chia. Golden Chiaor North American Sage was used by Southwest Native American Indians in the US at the turn of century for its tremendous health benefits. Forever Gin Chia Benefits With Chia Seeds

Honestly, I never really gave chia seeds that much thought until I was looking to shed a few pounds. A friend of mine introduced them to me and I’ve been hooked ever since. Forever Gin Chia Benefits With Chia Seeds

Ginseng: The Legendary Health Benefits of the Herb of Immortality and Strength

 Forever Gin Chia

Of all the medicinal herbs known to mankind, ginseng is perhaps the most legendary of all—and with good reason: it’s health benefits are truly extraordinary, so much so, in fact, that Chinese emperors once valued the plant more than gold itself. Widely considered a healing panacea in the ancient system of Traditional Chinese Medicine,

the root of the ginseng plant has deeply rejuvenating, restorative and strengthening effects that work to elevate the health of all bodily systems: mind, body, spirit and beyond. Though there are three main types of ginseng, Panax, American and Siberian, this article will mainly focus on the Panax variety (also known as Korean or Asian ginseng.) Forever Gin Chia Benefits With Chia Seeds

The Herb of Emperors and Royalty

Discovered nearly 5,000 years ago in the Northern mountain ranges of Manchurian China, it didn’t take long for ginseng root to become wildly popular. After all, those who ate the root regularly found that it quickly improved their health to extraordinary levels and was useful in treating a number of diseases. As panax ginseng became more widely known throughout the country, it earned its spot as the royal health tonic of emperors and the ruling class, who often sent thousands of their best soldiers to forage for it in the wild, a testament to the extreme value they placed on the herb.

Forever Gin Chia Benefits With Chia Seeds
After nearly going extinct due to overharvesting in Asia around 300 AD, things settled down as the rest of the world caught on and began growing, cultivating and trading it with China. These days ginseng can be found in virtually every health food store on the planet and is one of the most widely consumed medicinal herbs on the planet—if not the most.

The Health Benefits of Ginseng

But just what, exactly, makes ginseng such an incredible healing plant? Researchers believe that it is in large part due to the plant’s high concentration of medicinal compounds known as ginsenosides, unique plant sterols and saponins that are found abundantly in ginseng root and have a range of borderline miraculous effects on the human mind and body.

1 The Intelligent Plant: A True Adaptogen

Panax ginseng contains a number of different ginsenosides that have sometimes paradoxical effects, for example, some types of ginsenosides are stimulating while others are calming. While this may seem illogical, it’s actually one of the plant’s greatest benefits—that is, that it is intelligent, or rather adaptogenic, meaning that it works to bring the body into greater balance and harmony. Adaptogenic herbs, of which ginseng is one of the ultimate, have different effects depending on the baseline state of health in that moment. For example, if someone is stressed out and anxious, they will likely find ginseng to be centering and calming; whereas if they are depleted and fatigued, the plant will tend to have more uplifting and energizing properties.
Forever Gin Chia Benefits With Chia Seeds

But even beyond this balancing effect, ginseng does have a number of highly specific health benefits that are quite common for those who consume the plant regularly.

2 Anti-Aging and Longevity

Perhaps the most spectacular health benefit of ginseng is its ability to extend the lifespan of those who take it regularly by generally reducing the incidence of disease in the body [1], known in the medical community as a reduction in all-cause mortality. In ancient China, Ginseng root was widely used as a longevity tonic by Daoists and emperors seeking immortality. Today, researchers are testing those historical claims by conducting some fascinating studies on humans. Perhaps the most notable of which is a Korean study started in 1985 with 6,282 subjects aged 55 and over. The group of participants was divided into four groups, male panax ginseng users, male non-ginseng users and the same split for females.

Forever Gin Chia Benefits With Chia Seeds
After 18 years of collecting mortality data, some interesting findings emerged. The results showed a significant reduction in all-cause mortality (death by all causes) among males, but not females. However, it wasn’t all bad news for women, as those who regularly used ginseng enjoyed a significant reduction in cancer-specific mortality, which is still quite an impressive health benefit.’

 Forever Gin Chia

the changbai mountain range in northern china—one of the native growing regions of wild panax ginseng root.
Furthermore, studies on mice have shown that ginseng exerts a mitochondrial-protective effect that is known to increase longevity in mammals as a whole. While no studies have been conducted on humans specifically, it is a promising finding that may indicate similar effects in the human body. [2]
Forever Gin Chia Benefits With Chia Seeds

3 Sexual Tonic for Men and Women

If you take ginseng for long enough, often even just once, there is absolutely no denying that it is a powerful sexual tonic, increasing libido, performance and pleasure for both men and women. For men, ginseng’s benefits include boosting libido, increasing pleasure and treating erectile dysfunction, by increasing nitric oxide production similar to prescription medications like Viagra®. [3] Panax ginseng has similar benefits for women, most notably increasing libido, pleasure and sensation, also in part due to its oxygenating effects throughout the body.
Forever Gin Chia Benefits With Chia Seeds

4 Improved Mental Performance and Brain Function

Perhaps one of ginseng’s most sought-after health benefits is its effects on mental performance and brain function, which it accomplishes in a number of ways. A number of studies have shown that ginseng root has positive effects on memory, reaction time and learning speed and retention, and many users of the plant report experiences in line with these findings. [4,5] After all, the plant does tend to increase energy and alertness for many people, which is related to the above health benefits of ginseng.
Forever Gin Chia Benefits With Chia Seeds

However, where the benefits of ginseng on brain health really get interesting is when it comes to neuroprotection and preventing and reversing age-related cognitive decline. In a number of animal studies, it has been shown to protect and repair neurons in the brain and nervous system that control a number of important functions throughout the body.

But perhaps most impressively, panax ginseng has been shown to have significant positive effects on Alzheimer’s, in some cases measurably reversing the disease.

One study done among people with Alzheimer’s disease at the Department of Neurology at the Clinical Research Institute in South Korea showed that taking ginseng root daily for 12 weeks improved mental performance significantly. [8] They note that the herb is best taken long-term, as the performance boost tends to decrease when dosage is stopped.

5 Weight Loss

Panax ginseng’s energizing properties are systemic, meaning that they work on a number of different body systems to produce their effects, including your metabolism. Upregulation of the metabolic system typically results in a more robust processing of macronutrients like fats, sugars and carbs, which can reduce the amount of fat the body holds onto. Ginseng has been used as a weight loss aid for centuries, and a few studies [9,10] have shown that it does increase lipid (fat) metabolism in humans and animals, which confirm its fat-burning properties. Forever Gin Chia Benefits With Chia Seeds

6 Energy, Endurance and Strength

Perhaps of all ginseng’s many health benefits, increasing energy, endurance and strength is its most legendary. Ginseng has long been a favorite of Olympic athletes, endurance runners and people in high-performance capacities—from high-stress jobs to simply being a parent of one or more children. However, what is great about the kind of energy that ginseng gives is that it is organic in nature compared to stimulants like caffeine. Over time caffeine is depleting to the endocrine system and body because it simply stimulates it to work harder no matter what its current state.

Ginseng root, on the other hand, works to deeply nourish, rejuvenate and revitalize the body at the deepest levels, giving rise to energy and endurance from a place of added strength and endocrine system optimization. Unlike caffeine, most people are able to sleep fine after taking ginseng earlier in the day. The energy it gives also doesn’t make you feel anxious or overstimulated like caffeine and coffee can. Remember that panax ginseng is an Adaptogen, and so it has dual actions, meaning that it provides energy while calming you at the same time. This produces a centered, focused and calm energy that makes many people feel like they are “in the zone” and in high states of flow.

7 Anti-Stress: Calming and Centering

As mentioned, ginseng is an intelligent plant meaning that it tends to give you more of what you need. Even though many find it to be energizing, if you are stressed out, it can help to calm you down without making you tired or drowsy like other plants, drugs and supplements. Panax ginseng root can help take the edge off while still allowing you to feel alert, aware and dialed in, which is an amazing quality of the plant and part of the reason it has been so popular for millennia. (Note: if this is the effect you are going for you may want to try american ginseng as it is more calming than traditional panax ginseng, more on the different varieties below).

8 Anti-Inflammatory and Immune System Booster

Multiple studies on humans, human cells and animals have clearly demonstrated that ginseng has some degree of anti-inflammatory ability. [11,12,13,14] In one study, scientists treated human immune cells with different extracts of ginseng. They found that of the nine ginsenosides they identified, seven could selectively inhibit expression of the inflammatory gene CXCL-10. Another study on children with cancer who were undergoing chemotherapy found that Korean red ginseng (which is a specific variety of panax ginseng) has a stabilizing effect of the inflammatory cytokines found in the bloodstream. Similar effects have been observed in animal studies, where ginseng of various types has shown a significant reduction in inflammatory markers. Furthermore, in-depth studies of ginseng in humans, cell cultures and animals have shown that each type of immune cell function—including macrophages, natural killer cells, T cells, B cells and dendritic cells—can be enhanced to varying degrees by ginseng. [15]

9 Blood Sugar

Ginseng has benefits for those who have blood sugar issues as well. Multiple studies have shown that both American and Panax ginseng modulate increases in blood sugar after the consumption of insulin-spiking foods and drinks. [16,17] In both cases, taking ginseng caused blood sugar levels to remain more stable than in the group of participants who had not taken the herb before consuming glucose-rich foods. As such, ginseng is being researched for, and sometimes used by, people suffering from diabetes and other blood sugar-related disorders. As always, consult your doctor or naturopath before using ginseng or any herb for these purposes.

What Are Chia Seeds?

Chia seeds (S alvia hispanica ) have become one of the most popular superfoods in the health community. Hailing from a species of flowering plant in the mint family, chia seeds are native to areas of Mexico and Guatemala but are commonly cultivated in many areas in North and South America.

These tasty seeds are easy to digest when prepared properly and can be a very versatile ingredient that works well in a variety of recipes. Plus, they offer a long list of important nutrients, including fiber, protein, manganese and calcium, along with plenty of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids .

Not only that, but recent research has found that the chia seeds benefits are even greater than scientists initially realized. Chia seeds health benefits include promoting healthy skin, reducing signs of aging, supporting the heart and digestive system, building stronger bones, and more.

 Forever Gin Chia

The Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

1 High In fiber

 Forever Gin Chia

In addition to expanding in your stomach, chia seeds are also packed with fiber. The carbohydrates found in a 1 oz serving of chia seeds, approximately 12 grams, is actually made up of 11 grams of fiber. Similar to the expansion of the seeds, fiber is also going to help you feel full so your brain signals your tummy to stop rumbling.

2 Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

 Forever Gin Chia

Which leads me to my next point. In addition to keeping you full, fiber also helps manage your blood sugar levels.

In a study conducted on 11 men and 9 women with type 2 diabetes, participants were either given 37 g of Salba (Salvia hispanica L. [botanical name for chia]), or 37 g of wheat bran over the course of 12 weeks in addition to their normal diabetes treatments.

At the end of the study the participants taking the Salba (chia) had reduced systolic blood pressure, c-reactive protein, and cardiovascular risk factors.

Controlling blood sugar levels and feeling full aren’t the only benefits of eating the fiber found in chia seeds. Forever Gin Chia Benefits With Chia Seeds

3 Fights Constipation

 Forever Gin Chia

You can also keep your digestive system on track and fight constipation with these small wonder seeds.

Here’s how it works:

The fiber found in chia seeds is a mix of both insoluble and soluble fiber. It’s important that your diet consists of both types of fiber, which is why chia seeds are an easy way to accomplish this task. Forever Gin Chia Benefits With Chia Seeds

4 Nutrient Dense

 Forever Gin Chia

Don’t let their size deceive you; a mere spoonful of chia seeds, or a 1 oz portion will give you:

  • 4.4 g of protein
  • 42% of your daily recommended amount of fiber
  • 30% of your daily recommended manganese
  • 27% of your daily recommended phosphorus
  • 18% of your daily recommended calcium
  • 4915 mg of omega-3 fatty acids
  • 1620 mg of omega-6 fatty acids

It’s amazing that such small seeds contain so much power. In fact, these nutrients can all be yours for about 137 calories.

As if that’s not enough, you can also reap cholesterol and cardiovascular benefits from these little babies.

5 Calcium for Bone Health

 Forever Gin Chia

I mentioned earlier that a 1 oz serving of chia seeds will give you 18% of your daily recommended value of calcium. This added boost is perfect for strengthening bones and teeth. Forever Gin Chia Benefits With Chia Seeds

6 Boost Energy and Exercise Performance

Chia seeds are often used by athletes for carb loading, a strategy that helps maximize the storage of glycogen in the muscles and liver to optimize endurance and boost exercise performance. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning concluded that consuming chia seeds enhanced exercise performance for workouts that lasted 90 minutes the same way a sugar-laden sports drink would but without all the unhealthy sugar . In the study, half of the athletes drank 100 percent Gatorade, while the others consumed half Gatorade and half chia seed drink. In the end, the runners’ times were matched, but the half-chia group consumed far less sugar. Forever Gin Chia Benefits With Chia Seeds

Plus, the protein in chia seeds can help build muscle mass and increase strength to help fuel your workouts. Research shows that consuming protein as a post-workout meal can aid in the repair of muscle tissues and can also build new muscle to speed up recovery time between workouts.

7 Fight Cancer Growth

Chia seeds are rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a type of omega-3 fatty acid found in many plant foods. In 2013, an in-vitro study published in the Journal of Molecular Biochemistry found that ALA helped limit the growth of both breast and cervical cancer cells. Researchers also found that it caused cell death of the cancer cells without harming the normal healthy cells in the body. While more research still needs to be done to find out the deeper implications of ALA on other types of cancer, this is a great discovery for women struggling with these increasingly common types of cancer. This discovery also makes chia seeds potential cancer-fighting foods. Forever Gin Chia Benefits With Chia Seeds

8 Enhance Oral Health

Because chia seeds are packed with calcium, phosphorus , vitamin A and zinc, it’s no wonder that promoting oral health makes the list as a top benefit of chia seeds. Calcium is the building block of your teeth that is necessary for maintaining oral health. Meanwhile, zinc prevents tartar by keeping plaque from mineralizing onto your teeth and has an antibacterial effect that keeps bad breath germs away. Vitamin A and phosphorus are also important for strong teeth and a healthy mouth, both of which are plentiful in chia seeds. Forever Gin Chia Benefits With Chia Seeds


 Forever Gin Chia

Uncovering Ginseng Benefits

So, can ginseng really improve your sex life? Is its status as an aphrodisiac merely the stuff of ancient folklore, or does scientific research back up the claim?
Over the past 2 decades, numerous controlled clinical studies have been conducted to assess whether ginseng can arouse or increase sexual response. Although some animal studies have suggested that Asian ginseng may help treat male erectile dysfunction (ED), there is little compelling evidence to date that suggests ginseng has the same effect on humans.

Because human sexuality is more complex than the physiological mating urges of animals, the results from animal studies do not necessarily translate to humans. What do studies with people reveal? Let’s take a look.

In Men

A review of seven studies investigating the effect of Korean red ginseng on erectile dysfunction concluded that, while there seemed to be some suggestion that ginseng may have a beneficial effect on ED, the studies were ultimately too small and not methodologically robust enough to support the use of ginseng for ED.

In Women

Studies involving women are rare, due in part to the difficulty of establishing a standard means of measuring female sexual response. One study reported that a dietary supplement containing extracts of Korean ginseng as well as ginkgo and other ingredients improved the sex drives of female participants. But it is not clear how the supplement worked to enhance function, and further research is necessary to determine the role, if any, of ginseng. Clinical studies using consistent doses of pure ginseng are needed in order to assess the effect of ginseng on female sexual response.

Chia possesses the highest percentage of the polyunsaturated fatty acids , a linolenic and linoleic (i.e 83.2%), of all crops. It is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, natural antioxidants and dietetic fiber.
The protein content of Chia is higher than other nutritional grains. Compare Chia’s 19-23% protein to wheat (14%), corn (14%), rice (8.5%), oats (15.3%), and barley (9.2%). And, unlike these other grains, it is a complete protein, meaning that it has the appropriate balance of all essential amino acids. It is a powerful antioxidant.

Content: Forever Gin Chia Benefits With Chia Seeds 100 tablets

Directions : Take one tablet, three times daily.

Other Ingredients

  • Sorbitol
  • Honey
  • Gum arabic
  • Soy protein isolate
  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Silica
  • Stearic acid
  • Natural lemon flavor
  • Ascorbyl palmitate
  • Cayenne

Suggested Use

Take one tablet Forever Gin-Chia three times daily as a dietary supplement.

Additional Benefits Of Forever Gin Chia

  • Ginseng is known to have energy giving and healing properties. It contains 11 hormones like saponins.
  • Ginseng is a powerful antioxidant and an antidepressant.
  • Ginseng can help minimize Epileptic attack.
  • Golden Chia contains oestrogen and can help menopausal discomfort.
  • Gin-chia is being taken as supplement by men to improve their sexual condition.
  • Ginseng is a legendary tonic, earning its name as the “King of Tonics.”

Vitamins and Minerals content of Gin-Chia: Vitamin A, B1, B2, C and D, plus thiamine, riboflavin, calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, capsicum, zinc, copper, magnesium and manganese.

 Forever Gin Chia

Forever Gin Chia Ginseng and Chia Seeds Benefits, Forever Gin-Gin has combined the best of the East with the best of the West to produce a unique, energy boosting , stamina-sustaining tablet, Gin-Chia. Golden Chiaor North American Sage was used by Southwest Native American Indians in the US at the turn of century for its tremendous health benefits. Forever Gin Chia Benefits With Chia Seeds

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